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Associate professor Gabriella Keczer launched her academic career twelve years ago. Since then she has been a key lecturer in bachelor and master programs, first in the Faculty of Engineering, then in the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Szeged. She has courses in English and has been lecturing abroad in the Erasmus Program. She has classes in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and in the Faculty of Sciences and Informatics of the University of Szeged, too, and has been invited to give lectures in institutions like the Central European University, the Regional Development Agency or the National Institution of Culture.


She developed several course programs for the accreditation of new majors and specializations, wrote 4 coursebooks in Hungarian, one in English, and elaborated a video-lesson series.


In 2008 Gabriella Keczer obtained a summa cum laude PhD in economics and business administration, and in 2013 she habilitated. Her research is focused on the management issues of higher education. university governance, HRM, the changing role and regional engagement of universities, the performance and reforms of certain national higher education systems. She has a total of 90 publications, including 6 books and 40 papers in reviewed academic journals. She gave more than 60 conference presentations, several abroad. The list of her publications can be found here:

MTMT (Hungarian Scientific Publications Database)

She is a founding member of a scientific society exploring the historic, economic and societal development of Middle Europe in an interdisciplinary approach. She is the editor of one of the society’s refereed academic journals, member of the editorial board of another periodical and the organizer of the ‘Taylor’ conference series held annually. She is a member of Hungarian Educational Research Association and the Human Resources Management Subcommittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She has other professional cooperations, for example with the Higher Education Management Institute of Eötvös Loránd University, the International Higher Education Research Center of Corvinus University. She regularly works for a Doctoral School of the University of West Hungary and for a doctoral school of the University of Debrecen as opponent and committee member of doctoral procedures. She participated in several projects funded by the European Union, and also worked for enterprises as a consultant in management issues.

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