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During the course of their history the Juhász Gyula Teachers’ Training College as well as its legal predecessor (Erzsébet Women’s School, Paedagogium, Civil Teachers’ Training College, Teacher’s Training College of Szeged) have been continually publishing volumes related to education, research and retraining. Providing students with books was supplied by private publisher firms and later by centralised manuscript and book supply mechanism.
In 1922 – following the example of other institutions of higher education – the Juhász Gyula Teachers’ Training College Press was established bearing the name of Juhász Gyula Press of Higher Education from 1998. The original target of the press is still relevant: providing college- and university students along with those participating in (teacher) retraining and developmental training with book supply of the highest possible standards. In order to reach the above goal we are at our customers’ disposal offering a wider selection every year. The two manuscript and bookshops of the press sell volumes of 120 publishers that is 2000 kinds of books.
Our book publishing activity has also been continually developed: currently we introduce a yearly quantity of 20 volumes in the book-market. Our publications directly related to education have been included in different series compiled according to various scientific fields. Our series of major importance are as follows: semiotic text theory; pedagogy; environment protection - mental hygiene. Besides the latter we also publish art, historical, aesthetic, ethnographic and literary works.