MTA - SZTE Egészségfejlesztés Kutatócsoport



MTA-SZTE Health Promotion Research Group

Yearly Report

01.09.2021. – 31.08.2022.


The following subtasks were performed in the reporting period:


1. Historical content analysis of Hungarian curricula and directives published between 1868 and 1990 from the perspective of school health education, health promotion. Partial results will be presented in ONK 2022. Results are planned to be published in The Curriculum Journal (ISSN: 09585176, 14693704) (Education, Q1).


2. In cooperation with the MTA-PTE Innovative Health Pedagogy Research Group a comparative analysis of the Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish and Estonian National Core Curricula from the perspective of health promotion and health education, along the analysis criteria presented in HECAT (Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool), and with the help of the QDA Miner document analysis software. Partial results will be presented in ONK 2022. Results are planned to be published in Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education (ISSN: 2574-2981) (Education, Q1).


3. Pilot questionnaire survey titled Parents’ opinion about the health behaviour of their children. 225 questionnaires were filled out, 114 parents of 3-11 year-old children and 111 parents of 12-18 year-old children completed it. Data acquisition took place in May-June 2022. The questionnaire also contained the Internet Addiction Test – IAT, that was translated into Hungarian and validated. The IAT can be divided into two subtests, that are the Problematic and Risky Media Use in Children Checklist and the Parent-Child Internet Addiction Test for Adolescents. The data is being processed. Results are planned to be published in Children and Youth Services Review (ISSN: 01907409) c. (Education, Q1).


4. Preparation of an explorative questionnaire for educators along the principles of the WHO document: Making Every School a Health Promoting School.


In progress:

- A special issue containing articles by the research group members published in the Journal ‘Iskolakultúra’ (School Culture).

- 18.11.2022. – Annual conference of the Health Promotion Workgroup within the Szeged Branch of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Medical Committee. 1 presentation by MTA-PTE Innovative Health Pedagogy Research Group and 1 presentation by the MTA-SZTE Health Promotion Research Group.


Publications of the research group are listed in MTMT: and can also be downloaded from here.

In the given period 5 journal articles (1 Q1 and 1 Q2), 5 conference presentations published in an abstract book and 4 conference presentations with no abstract book were born. There are also 5 journal articles published outside the reporting period.


Szeged, 27.09.2022.                                                              Tarkó Klára, PhD. habil.

                                                                                               head of research group