Tarkó, K. (2004., ed): Sagas. In. Benkő, Zs.  (2004., Editor of Series): Integrated programmes for lower-primary teacher training. Juhász Gyula Felsőoktatási Kiadó. Szeged.





Conceptual umbrella




László Lajos Lippai: Introduction to the theory of saga analysis.

1. Folk tale as an educational device.

2. References


Marianna Joó: The role of sagas in forming civic values in lower primary age   

1. Introduction

2. Hungarian Sagas.


Renate Seebauer: Traditional Austrian Tales and Legends – Terms, Categorizing, Using Folktales in the Classroom and Selected Examples of their Representation of “Women“, “Different Nationalities “ and “Minorities“

1. Definition of terms and approach to categorizing

2. Debate over “The use of folktales in the classroom“– A viable teaching approach with “folktales“

3. Several didactic and methodical approaches

4. The representation of women, nationality and social minorities in well-known Austrian folktales

5.  Additional resources and effective techniques for using folktales in teaching

6. References


7. APPENDIX: Commented compilation of folktales


Maria Luísa Sarmento de Matos: Tales

1. General methodology

2. Collection of Portuguese saga

3. References


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