Tarkó, K. (2005, Editor of Volume.): Diversity and Multicultural Education. In. Benkő, Zs. (2005., Editor of Series): CANDOR - Changing the attitude of teachers through normal and distance learning for open human relationships. JGYF Kiadó, Szeged






Zsuzsanna Benkő: Conceptual overview

Klára Tarkó: Introduction


1. Rob Grinter: Social Inclusion and Exclusion

1.1 Zsuzsanna Benkő: Social exclusion, ethnicity

1.2 Gaye Heathcote and Orlagh McCabe: Social Inclusion In Further

and Higher Education

2. Zsuzsanna Benkő: Dimensions of Difference

2.1 László Lippai and Zsuzsanna Benkő: "Integration

of special education needs children into the majority kindergarten" .

2.2 Sue Lewis: The changing role of education in the study of ethnic minorities

3. Klára Tarkó: Citizenship

3.1 Gábor Tarkó and Klára Tarkó: Citizenship education in Hungary

3.2 Dean Garratt: Citizenship in England – context and case study

4. Rob Grinter: Dimensions of racism and prejudice

4.1 Katalin Erdei  and László Lippai: The phenomenon

of prejudice in Hungary

4.2 Jo Moores: The role of multiculturalism in fighting against racism and prejudice in Britain .

5. Rob Grinter: Celebration of diversity

5.1 László Lippai and Klára Tarkó: Celebration of gender diversity in Hungary

5.2 Joss West Burnham: Celebration of Diversity in Great Britain.

6. Zsuzsanna Benkő: Equal opportunities

6.1 Klára Tarkó: Inequalities in education

6.2 Jo Moores: Women in Great Britain

7. Trish Belfields: Multicultural awareness and education; ‘The mind of the teacher’

7.1 Klára Tarkó: Education of national and ethnic minorities in Hungary

7.2 Jo Moores: Asian women in Britain

8. Katalin Erdei: Conflict management – A theoretical approach

8.1 Katalin Erdei: Hungarian practice of conflict management

8.2 Jo Moores and Joss West Burnham: Conflict Management: Multicultural and Intercultural Education


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