Paulus, P. and Petzel, T. (2005, Editors of Volume.): Health Promotion. In. Benkő, Zs. (2005., Editor of Series): CANDOR - Changing the attitude of teachers through normal and distance learning for open human relationships. JGYF Kiadó, Szeged.



Health Promotion

"Origin, purpose and overall structure of the course


The course is one of the major outcomes of a project entitled ‘Changing the Attitudes of Teachers through Normal and Distance Learning in Open Human Relationships’ known as CANDOR.   This project is funded by the European Union’s SOCRATES programme.  Co-ordinated by academics and practitioners from the University of Szeged, it arises from a collaboration with colleagues from the Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and the University of Lüneburg (Germany).  


Some of you initially may not see yourselves as health promoters.  Others may be uncertain what being a facilitator actually means.  However, we are all health promoters and facilitators, even people who are not teachers.  This is because health is all about the ability to function effectively as a human being and the topics of the CANDOR course are all about promoting that potential in ourselves and others.  Some of the barriers to health such as discrimination, prejudice, social exclusion or unequal opportunities for certain individuals or groups, are challenges which we all should be undertaking, whether on our own account or for others.  To be a facilitator is to be concerned about the problems which people face in terms of educational or job opportunities, and to work to enable those barriers to be removed or those negative attitudes, values and behaviours to be changed for the greater societal good."


(From Gaye Heathcote's Study Guide chapter)