Benkő, Zsuzsanna, Modi, Ishwar, Tarkó, Klára (Eds.)

Leisure, Health and Well-Being. A Holistic Approach."

Palgrave Macmillan



 Benkő - Modi - Tarkó: Leisure, Health and Well-being

Healthy Leisure and Leisureful Health: Introductory ‘State of the Art’ - Benkő, Zsuzsanna


PART I - "Go West"

The Sea, the Sea … Historical and Sociological Perspectives on the Shaping of Seaside Leisure in Rural Wales - Heathcote, Gaye

Ethical Aspects of Leisure Choices and the Autonomous Chooser - Wringe, Colin

 ‘This Side of Paradise’: The Role of Online Fandom in the Construction of Leisure, Well-Being and the Lifeworld - Spracklen, Karl

Lunchboxes, Health, Leisure and Well-Being: Analysing the Connections - Harman, Vicki (et al.)

Wellness Customers and Their Needs - Kalkowski, Peter (et al.)

Leisure Activities in Care Homes: How Do they Relate to the Well-Being of the Elderly? - Goelitz, Dietmar (et al.)


PART II - The "Visegrad Four"


Leisure and Pleasure: Healthy, Useful, Pleasant: Why Don’t We Do It? - Bárdos, György (et al.)

Trapped by Sense of Comfort: Leisure Time Consumption Habits from the Aspect of Economic Psychology - Lippai, László L.

Associations Between a Sedentary Lifestyle and Negative Mood State and the Risk of Breast Cancer - Látos, Melinda (et al.)

The Role of Leisure in Prevention and Treatment of Addiction - Lacsán, Katalin (et al.)

Rethinking the Relationship Between Sport, Recreation and Tourism - Győri, Ferenc (et al.)

Lifestyle Research among Upper-Primary and Secondary School Pupils in Hungary, Southern Great Plains Region (2012) - Tarkó, Klára (et al.)

Youth and Leisure Time - Nagy, Ádám (et al.)

Facebook-Diagnostics: Detection of Mental Hygiene Problems Based on Online Traces - Csepeli, György (et al.)

Leisure-Time Activities and Lifelong Learning - Jedličková, Iva

Patterns of Leisure-Time Activities in the Context of a Youth Festival in Romania - Ercsei, Kálmán (et al.)

Ethnicity, Leisure and Popular Culture - Kijonka, Justyna

Leisure as a Mean of Older People’s Integration (Based on the Example of Silesian Voivodeship Inhabitants) - Zygmunt, Agata


PART III - "Oh, East Is East..."


Leisure, Health and Wellbeing: The Ultimate Quest of Humanity - Modi, Ishwar

Professional English Language Study as a Creative Leisure Pursuit - Malygina, Natalya (et al.)

On the Value of Parks and Public Health: A Case Study of Xuanwu Park in Beijing - Huidi, Ma (et al.)