2017. február havi bejegyzések



Our Mission

SIGN –a natural phenomenon or human artefact or object that realizes surplus meaning in a sign relationship

IMAGE – a visual representation to be interpreted in a sign relationship

SPACE – a scene of sign processes where sign relationships of nature or society work

The sign–image–space Working Group sets out to investigate the manifestations of sign usage, the usage of space and the richly diverse world of visual signs.

The common ground of our endeavours is the semiotic approach and analysis of social, natural and cultural-artistic phenomena, relying above all on the theoretical works of Charles S. Peirce, Charles W. Morris, Jurij Lotman, Thomas Sebeok, Jurij Stepanov, Umberto Eco and the Hungarian researchers Vilmos Voigt, János Petőfi S., Özséb Horányi and Mihály Szívós.

The working group was formed at the Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education at the University of Szeged with the intention to provide opportunities for contemporary literature on theoretical semiotics, comprehensive analyses and interdisciplinary approaches to appear in its publications.

The Sign–Image–Space Working Group wishes to contribute to the variety of semiotics research in Hungary.