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11.2.1. Sports events.

Below you can see a list of  words denoting sports events:

Training session, game, match, competition, race, tournament, championship, the first and second rounds, semi-finals, cup final, World Cup, Olympic Games, playoff, Paralympic Games (Paralympics).

Put one of the above terms into the sentences below.

1. These games are held every four years after the Olympic games and in the same city. They are the .

2. How about a  of chess?

3. I got beaten in the first , but then I won in the  second .

4. Paul goes weight lifting  twice a week.

5. The Ancient  were held in Olympia, Greece.

6. The football  will begin at 3.00 pm on Saturday.

7. Sixteen countries have been FIFA hosts since the inaugural event in 1930. 

8. The annual boat  between Oxford and Cambridge Universities will take place on 10th of April.

9. The most visited tennis  are the Wimbledon Championships, the French Open, the Australian Open and the US Open.

10. The Rugby  are held in Twickenham, on Saturday, 31 October, at 4pm local time.

11. A match, competition, or examination that precedes the final called .

12. The women’s figure skating was won by England.

13. Many teams from all over the world have entered the .

14. The Lakers will meet the Cubs in the .

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