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11.3.1. Paralympic Games.

Insert the following words into the text. Be careful, there is one extra word.

Event, athletics, few, parallel, joined, competed, athletes, veterans, same, organized, mental

Paralympic Games

Just a  weeks after the Olympic Games it is the time for the Paralympics. They are the Olympic  for athletes with physical and  disabilities. They usually take place  in the cities that hosted the Olympic Summer (and/or Winter) Games. The idea of Paralympic Games was born in 1948, when Sir Ludwig Guttmann  a sports competition in England for World War II  with physical disabilities.  Four years later the event became international when participants from Holland  in.

In 1960 the Paralympics became an Olympic event. 400  from all over the world went to Rome in 1960, while in Athens in 2004 there were more than 3800 athletes from different parts of the world and they  in 19 sports.    ’Para’ is a Greek word meaning ’alongside, beside’. So the word paralympics means ’the game to the Olympic Games’.

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