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14.1.1. Reading comprehension.

Read the text and underline the passive constructions in it.

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The most important aim of a PE teacher or a coach is to make sure that athletes learn new sports skills effectively. The introduction of a new skill is designed by a coach or a PE teacher to suit the athlete’s needs, the skill and the situation.

The four steps of teaching a new sports skill are instruction, demonstration, application and confirmation.

The first stage is instruction. Instructions must be given clearly to the athletes by the coach. The instruction stage is followed by the demonstration stage. The coach might perform the skill or ask someone to perform it. A good model has to be formed in the mind of the athletes by a good demonstration. The athletes can think through the skill before they perform it.

In the application stage the skill is performed by the athletes in a planned situation. This way they can transfer the skill from the training session to a competitive situation.

The last stage is the confirmation stage. Information about the athletes’ performance is given by the coach, in other words the performance of the skills is evaluated by the coach.

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