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14.2.1. Reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension. Read the texts and match the right heading from the box to each paragraph.

The text was adapted from:


The coach demonstrates the sports skill first. Then the athletes practice the skill as a whole, or one unit, from the beginning to the end. This method aims to develop the timing of the skill and helps the athletes to understand the skill as a whole. It is used for skills that you cannot divide into smaller parts or sub-parts.


The coach demonstrates the parts of the sports skill first. Then the athletes practice the sub-skills separately. This method is suitable to practice complicated skills. It helps athletes to focus on certain elements of the complex skill.


This is the combination of methods A and B. Athletes first see and practice the complete skill, and then the skill is broken down into sub-skills. Athletes then practice the sub-skills. The last stage is putting the sub-skills together again. This is a good method for teaching swimming.


This method is also called the chaining method. In this method athletes practice the sub-skills separately, then the sub-skills are linked and are expanded. This is a relatively slow process.

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