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8.2.5. Soccer terms and definitions.

Match the following words with their definitions:

1. This is the area on the edge of the pitch. The team’s substitutes and the coaches sit here.

2. An attacking player whose job is to finish attacking plays by scoring a goal. Also known as attacker.

3. The flag marking each of the four corners of the pitch (to help mark the boundaries of the playing area).

4. The only method of scoring in football. It is awarded if the ball passes completely over the goal line in the area between the posts and beneath the crossbar.

5. A player who is brought on to the pitch during a match in exchange for an existing player.

6. Using the head as a means of passing or controlling the ball.

7. Field of play for a game of football. Usually it is a specially prepared grass field.

8. The player who has the job of preventing the opposition from scoring. The only player on the pitch who can handle the ball in open play (but only in the penalty area).

9. The skill of juggling a football, keeping it off the ground using the feet, the knees, the chest, the shoulders or the head.

10. This is a method of restarting play. The player throws the ball from behind a touchline after an opponent has kicked it out.

11. When the player keeps control of the ball while running.

12. The world governing body of football.

13. A free kick taken from the corner of the field by an attacker. This is a method of restarting the play when a player puts the ball behind their own goal line without a goal being scored.

14. When a goalkeeper prevents the football from crossing the goal line between the goalposts.

15. Any illegal play (including kicking, tripping, striking an opponent or deliberately handling the ball).  It is punishable by a free kick or penalty.

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