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6.1.1. Warm up. Vocabulary development.

6.1.1.Warm-up. Vocabulary development. Match the terms and their definitions.

The definitions used in this exercise are taken from:,, Concise Oxford Dictionary

  1. It is the science of how living things work.
  2. It is the science of how the body responds to sport. 
  3. It is the science of nutrients and their digestion.
  4. It is the study of the human mind and behavior.
  5. It is the study of the structure and function of biological systems using the methods of mechanics.
  6. The aim of this science is to improve sports performance. It has four parts: physiology, nutrition, psychology, and biomechanics. 

1. Biomechanics

2. Exercise Physiology

3. Nutrition 

4. Physiology

5. Psychology

6. Sport Science

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