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9.3.2. Phrasal verbs: take and run.

Insert:  up, away (2x), apart, off (3x), to, out of, with, over, on

The police took the sportsman’s rented apartment   when looking for signs of drugs.

In case of muscular stiffness you can take this pill. It will take some of your pain .  

Sandra toook    figure skating and her coach is telling me that she is very good at it.

Nigeria wil take  Brazil in the first round of the World Cup on Saturday

He sat down on the chair because he wanted to take  his ski boots. 

Jack became very jealous when Tom’s sports career was taking .

The coach just cannot run  from his responsibilites.

I’m trying to run  my excess fat.

After the heavy blow the boxer’s face was running blood.

Before the race the athlete’s mind was running all the possibilities.

Our team seemed to have run  gas towards the end of the match.

When her husband went to a training camp in Mexico she ran  an enormous phone bill.

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