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8.2.2. American football terms and definitions.

Match the following words with their definitions:

ball carrier, block, center, fumble, interception, kickoff, neutral zone, NFL, official, pass, punt, quarter, quarterback, snap, tackle, touchdown, turnover

1. It is an area in which no member of either team may be, except for the person holding the ball. It separates the teams by the length of the ball before each play begins and it exists only when the play is not ongoing.

2. National Football League

3. A person responsible for enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of the game.

4. A player performs this action, using his arms to transfer the ball to another player by throwing the ball through the air between them.

5. The player who is currently in possession of the ball.

6. A free kick which starts each half, or restarts the game after a touchdown or field goal.

7. The act of forcing a ball carrier to the ground.

8. An offensive player who lines up behind the center. He takes the snap from the center.

9. It is also called "pass from center". This is the backwards passing of the ball which starts each play throughout the game. It is made by having a player, usually the center, crouch over the ball and toss the ball backwards between his legs.

10. This is a kick in which the ball is dropped and kicked before it hits the ground.

11. The catching of a forward pass by an opposing player.

12. One of four periods of play. It lasts for 15 minutes.

13. The act carrying, receiving, or gaining possession of the ball across the opponent’s goal line.

14. The player who passes the ball between his legs to the quarterback at the start of each play.

15.The act of one player obstructing another player with his body in order to physically keep defenders away from the offensive player who has the football.

16.A ball that a player accidentally loses.

17.The loss of the ball by one team to the other one.

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