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8.3.1. Grammar exercise.

Fill in “will” or the proper form of “going to”.

1. A: Oh no! I’ve left my purse at home and I haven’t got any money on me!

    B: Don’t worry.  you some.

2. A: I don’t know how to use this mixer.

    B: That’s OK.  you.

3. A: What’s that on your curtains?

    B: It’s a stain.  take them to the dry cleaner’s tomorrow.

4. A: Did you remember to buy the sports magazine I asked for?

    B: Sorry, I didn’t.  it when I go out again.

5. A: These bags are very heavy. I can’t lift them.

    B:  them for you.

6. A: I hear you’re going to Leeds University in September.

    B: Yes,  study French and German.

7. A: Why don’t you tidy your room?

    B:  play football in ten minutes, so I haven’t got time.

8. A: How can we get all this home?

    B:  James to come and help.

9. She looks very pale. I think  faint.

10. A: Somebody’s at the door.

      B:  who it is.

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