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13.4. Phrasal verbs: kick, jump, throw, run

Read the meaning of the following phrasal verbs and then complete the sentences.


Throw away: get rid of sg.

Throw in: add sg extra when selling sg.

Throw yourself into: do sg with great enthusiasm

Throw off: free yourself from sg.

Throw together : make sg quickly without much preparation


Move on to: change, develop

Move out: leave the house

Move away: to go to live in a different area

Move in: To start living ina new place

Move over: to change position to give more pace to others


jump in: interrupt

jump on sy: criticize and punish

jump at: take an opportunity eagerly

(keep/stay )a jump ahead:  keep the advantage

jump to: arrive at


kick-off: time when an event starts

kick sg around: consider for a long time

kick in: injure sg badly

kick sy out: make sy leave a place

1. When does your project meeting kick ?

2. He cheated on his wife, no wonder she kicked him .

3. Their proposal was unfortunately thrown by the counsellors.

4. My friend all of a sudden threw himself    doing extreme sports.

5. Bill is leaving his local football club in order to move    a higher class team.

6. The manager kicked  our idea for a while before he decided to adopt it.   

7. We have moved  a little and the passengers could get in. 

8. Steve was very impolite by jumping during the lecture.

9. He may have some excuse, let us not jump  conclusions.

10. He moved  and in six months they got divorced. 

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