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5.2.1. Vocabulary development. Anatomy. Match the questions and the answers.

5.2.1. Vocabulary development. Match the questions and the answers.

This section was adapted from the World Book Encyclopedia (1992).

  1. Anatomy is the study of the biological structure of living things.
  2. It compares the biological structure of different animals.
  3. It is the study of biological structures that you can see with your eyes.
  4. It is the study of tissues under a microscope.
  5. It studies the early development of plants and animals. 
  6. The parts of anatomy are gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, comparative anatomy and embryology.
  7. The word comes from the Greek words ‘to cut up’.

1. What is anatomy?

2. What is the origin of the word ‘anatomy’?

3. What are the parts of anatomy? 

4. What is gross anatomy?

5. What is microscopic anatomy?

6. What is comparative anatomy?

7. What does embryology study?

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