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9.3.1. Organizing ski camps.

Read the advertisement below and summarize the benefits and drawbacks of the program for a friend who wants to send his/her schild to a ski camp abroad.

Ski Camp In Austria

For nearly 40 years, we have been attracting athletes in the categories Children, Junior and Master from all over the world to participate in our training programmes. In the course of many years, valuable friendships have been built and the list of our successful athletes is quite impressive. Our Team holds training sessions on snow-covered ski-runs 365 days a year, and therefore we offer our international athletes all year round training possibilities.

The atmosphere is important!
This is the reason why our athletes stay in 4-star hotels which are all located right next to the ski-lift in Austria’s best ski regions with guaranteed snow.

At the age of eight, athletes can join us without their parents; however, it goes without saying that parents are warmly welcome at any time. Our team of coaches is in charge of all athletes 24 hours a day, whereas additional support is provided by the Competence Centre by request.

4+ hotel: expensive.

Additional support can be given to children by Competence Centre.  Commitment to children and racing

International camp, experience and tradition in training programs. Programs available on 365 days a year. Near to ski lifts.  

Not children-specific: several age groups are there.

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