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14.2.3. Methods in teaching PE. Advantages and disadvantages.

Methods in teaching PE. Advantages and disadvantages.

Fill the table with suitable information.

  1. It is effective for complicated and serial skills.
  2. It is effective for fast skills that you cannot separate into parts, for example javelin throw.
  3. It is effective for teaching skills like the triple jump. First they practice the hop and then they practice the skip. Then the two sub-skills are put together.  In the next step they learn the jump, and then linked with the skip.
  4. It is effective if you want to focus on individual elements of the skill.
  5. It is effective for complex skills which have easily separable parts, for example swimming.
  6. It is not recommended for dangerous or complex skills.
  7. There might be problems in transferring the skills from the parts to the whole.  
  8. This is a slow process.




Whole method

Part method

Whole-part method

Progressive part method

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