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6.1.2. Reading comprehension.

6.1.2. Reading comprehension. Read this announcement of a university sports department and answer the comprehension questions.


If you understand your own physiology, or fitness, it will help you train in the right way, and you will improvements in your fitness.

This support is available to anyone, independent of their fitness level. We currently provide support to a wide variety of sports people, students, members of the public and professional athletes.

We have worked with a wide range of sports, including athletics, triathlon, cycling (road, track and mountain bike), rowing, canoeing, football, rugby, cricket, and many others.

Lab-based physiology assessments: These are available with exercise modes including running, cycling and rowing. Assessments are usually divided into two parts (submaximal and maximal) and include measures of maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), maximal heart rate, economy, lactate thresholds and corresponding heart rates and maximal aerobic power (cycling), speed at VO2max (running).

A detailed written report is produced, explaining results, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and giving training advice and guidelines.

If you want to know just how fit you really are, or what training you need to be doing then these tests are for you, regardless of your current level of fitness or goals.


Why is it important to understand your own physiology? 

Who can take the tests?

What sports have they worked with?

What are the two parts the assessment is divided into?

What do the exercises include?

What does the written report include?

What do these tests tell you? 

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