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3.3.3. Cycling safety tips.

3.3.3. Insert the following words into the text:

mobile, person, behind, obey, headphones, pavement, signals, overtake, helmet, visible

Cycling safety tips


  1. You should not use a  phone while cycling.
  2. Do not cycle next to another .
  3. Look  you before you stop, turn or overtake.
  4. Be  to other road users.
  5. You have to  traffic lights and road signs.
  6. Avoid cycling with .
  7. When you  parked cars, watch out for car doors opening suddenly.
  8. You can ride on the  only if there is a sign that says you can.
  9. You have to use arm  before you turn right or left.
  10. Protect yourself with a .

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