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13.3.1. College Sports in the USA

Read the text and fill in the grid with the missing words. There is one extra word.

Illustrate, of,  level, professional, attract, in, society, support, medals, attendance

College Sports in the USA

The different types of sports in the United States play an important role in American  Children and young people are encouraged to do some kind of sport from an early age on all the way to university and college  High school American football games are extremely popular and they can  tens of thousands of people.  College athletes can receive hundreds of thousands of fans. These numbers can  the importance of sport in American culture.

Indeed, sports and athletes are fully integrated into the American school system, a fact, which is not common  other cultures. This is one of the reasons why the United States have got many great athletes in most sports. College athletes collected  44 Olympic  during the 2006 Olympic Games in Beijing.

College sport in the USA is as important as the sports played at  level. College sports events are often broadcast on local TV channels and when watching them it becomes evident that not only the athletes but also the stadiums are huge and they have a great as well. The amount of sponsorship is incredible, too. Sponsorship money is used to improve infrastructure, to provide training facilities and to staff who work with the athletes.

The universities actually play the role of producing excellent players for the professional clubs. In addition, there is the advantage of offering athletes a degree that is internationally. The different types of sports at American universities are the ticket for young people to achieve their dreams. All well known American athletes have been through university championships before becoming professionals. Michael Jordan (basketball player), Carl Lewis,(track and field athlete), and Michael Phelps, (swimmer ) could be quoted here as examples.

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