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3.2.1. How would you define good health?

3.2.1.How Would You Define Good Health?

Most people would say that good health is a state when you are not ill. However, there are many different opinions about how a person can actually have good health. In the past, people used to think of their health only when they were sick. But nowadays, more and more people are taking measures to make sure that they do not get sick in the first place.

What are some of the most common things that we can do to stay healthy? Probably the best thing that you can do for your body is exercise. But how much should we exercise? According to some people, even simple things like cleaning the house or walking can be helpful. Others prefer to do heavy exercise on a daily basis, such as swimming, running or cycling. What all the experts agree on is that any kind of exercise is good for your health.

The other important thing is a healthy diet: this can help promote good health. You should eat fruits and vegetables several times every day. Foods with high fiber content (beans, grains, fruits, vegetables) are especially good because fiber helps your body to digest the food you eat. Additionally, fiber decreases the chance of developing certain types of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. You had better avoid foods which contain a lot of sugar, salt and fat, since eating such foods can lead to various health problems, such as obesity (obesity means that you have so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on your health).

Another factor which should be mentioned is stress. Unfortunately, it also influences your health and it is very hard to eliminate, since we all seem to have some level of stress in our lives. Although different people are stressed by different things, financial problems, work and interpersonal relationships are common sources of stress. But events like getting married or moving into a new house can also cause stress. Some people say that it is impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life, so what you should do instead is try to reduce the impact that stress has on your life. How can you do this? There are various ways how to fight and reduce stress in your life, like doing sports, yoga or using meditation techniques.

You can read half-sentences below. On the basis of the text above try to finish them:

  1. Good health is
  2. All experts say that exercise
  3. Good health can also be promoted by
  4. Beans, grains, fruits and vegetables are very healthy because
  5. Fiber is important because
  6. Fiber can also decrease the chance of developing certain illnesses, such as
  7. Foods which contain a lot of sugar, fat and salt
  8. Obesity is
  9. Common sources of stress are
  10. You can reduce stress in your life if you

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