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11.4.1. Put the verbs in brackets int he –ing form or the ’to’ infinitive.

I’ve been trying  (get) fit for years.  I have found it impossible  (find) a method that has not ended in an accident. Some years ago I started  (go) to karate classes. On the second day I accidentally broke my arm.  When I had recovered from that accident I took up (swim). At first I really enjoyed that kind of sport: But I regret (say) that on one occasion I slipped over on the pool side and suffered a head

injury. I needed (go) to the hospital for a check-up and had to stay there for several days. A few months later a friend of mine advised me (try) aerobics. That did not last long either because I hate (listen) to loud music. Then  last month I bought a second-hand bicycle. I had always loved (cycle) ever since I was a child. I really regret (buy) that bicycel. At the moment I am lying in hospital again because I had been run over by  a car. So,  I have decided (give up) trying  (get) fit. Or, what do  you think I should do?     

(Adapted fromV. Pagoulatou and Vlatou (1995) Round Up. English Grammar Practice. Athens, Express Publications.

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