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3.2.2. The origin of the name “Spa”.

III.2.2. Read the text below about the origin of the name “Spa” and then decide if the statements below the text are True or False.

The Origin of the Name “Spa”

It is believed that the origin of the word and concept of spa dates back to Roman times. The legionnaires of the Roman Empire, returning from battles, sought for a treatment to recover from their wounds. Thermal water was a relief to their aches. They discovered that hot, natural spring water was the best cure for their sore wounds and tired muscles. So they started to build baths around hot water springs or hot water wells. These baths were called “acquae”, and the hot water treatments undertaken by people were called “Sanus Per Aquam” (SPA). The Latin expression means “health by/through water”.

According to another popular theory regarding the origin of the name “spa”, it comes from the Belgian city Spa. This city became famous in the 14th century as a water treatment place since a thermal spring with curative and thermal properties was discovered there.

True or False

Kérdés 1

1. The origin of the word spa dates back to Ancient Greece.

Kérdés 2

2. The soldiers used thermal water as a cure to heal their wounds after the battles.

Kérdés 3

3. They built baths around volcanoes.

Kérdés 4

4. SPA is an abbreviation of “health by/through water” in Greek.

Kérdés 5

5. Spa is also a city in Belgium.