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8.2.3. Sentence completion.

Complete the sentences below with words and phrases from the box.

ballcarrier, block, fumble, pass, quarters, quarterbacks, snaps, tackle, touchdown, turnover

Olvasse el az alábbi bekezdést, és pótolja a hiányzó szavakat.

1. Today Paul scored his first .

2. It is scary to tackle an oncoming who is bigger than you.

3. A center is the player who  the ball between his legs to the quarterback.

4. The player did not have a good grip on the ball and he fumbled it, which lead to a  in the other direction.

5. A study showed that injuries occurred for the most part in the second and third  of the game.

6. Floyd could block opponents, he could kick, he could .

7. Johnson made two mistakes: a  on the goal line and the game-ending interception.

8.  often receive better contracts than other positions.

9. The best strategy is to  your opponents while advancing yourself at the same time.

 10. Brady had to  the receiver so the other team would not make a touchdown.

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